Path of Beauty Botanicals Herbal Salves

Path of Beauty Botanicals brings the finest ingredients and care together to create unique herbal salves inspired by ancient knowledge and time tested wisdom.

Our herbal salve line is focused on 5 elements and conditions:

Earth Element(balances earth)

Nature's Gift Herbal Salve

Comfrey, plantain, calendula, echinecea root, olive leaf, lavender and rosemary oil are combined for a soothing, cooling, nurturing salve. These plants contain antibacterial, immune stimulant, antibiotic and cellular repair properties which address many skin conditions and irritations. Apply topically as needed
Ingredients: certified organic comfrey, c/o plantain, c/o calendula, c/o echinacea purpurea root, c/o olive leaf, c/o coconut oil, beeswax, lavender and rosemary essential oil, diatomaceous earth.

Fire Element(calms fire)

Softer Strength Herbal Salve

Horse chestnut combined with butchers broom and St. Johnswort assist with easing the symptoms and appearance of varicose veins, bulging veins and spider veins. Apply topically twice daily
Ingredients: Certified organic horsechestnut, c/o butcher's broom, c/o St. John's wort, c/o coconut oil, beeswax, tea tree essential oil, diatomaceous earth.

Water Element(cleanses water)

Purity Herbal Salve

Poke root has historically been used topically to assist with swollen lymph glands, mastitis and other conditions associated with lymphatic congestions. Combined with burdock root and red root, this combination of plants helps relieve inflammation and pain associated with congested lymph. Apply twice daily.
Ingredients: Certified organic poke root, c/o burdock root, c/o red root, c/o coconut oil, beeswax, cinnamon essential oil, diatomaceous earth.

Air Element(purifies air)

Wind Song Herbal Salve

Lobelia and lung wort are known for their congestion, calming properties with essential oils of eucalyptus,wintergreen, ravensara with the added support of magnesium are combined as a chest rub to assist in respiratory congestion.
Ingredients: Certified organic lungwort leaf, c/o lobelia leaf, eucalyptus essential oil, wintergreen essential oil, ravensara essential oil, magnesium oil, c/o coconut oil, beeswax, diatomaceous earth. Rub on chest for congestion from cold or flu to assist reduction of mucus.

Ether Element(enhances ether)

Awakening Lotus Herbal Salve

Gotu Kola has been used for eons by the eastern culture for many applications, but in particular for circulatory and skin care. Combined with Lotus flower oil, another ancient eastern flower highly respected for its healing properties for the skin, this combination makes a beautiful blend to assist retaining moisture, reducing inflammation and increasing circulation when applied topically once or twice daily.
Ingredients: Certified organic Gotu Kola leaf, c/o coconut oil, beeswax, white lotus flower essential oil, clary sage essential oil, diatomaceous earth.