About Us

The Artwork
First Feather Gallery is honored to represent the art collection of the late Dine'h(navajo) artist Rex A. Begaye. Rex's life's work holds the essence of the Indigenous spirit. His love and respect for the Earth and “the people” is felt in every piece. Inspired by his elders and the knowledge they passed down to him, Rex's artwork preserves a legacy which continues to live on through these extraordinary images.
The History
Rex made Sarasota his second home in the mid 90's, enchanted with the beauty here and the strong art scene, His passion to share Native American art and culture inspired him to create the Sarasota Native American Indian festival in 2008 which continues to bring authentic Native American fine artists, cultural educators and entertainers, traditional drumming, dance, music and food to Sarasota as part of Rex's legacy.
Rex and I met in 1998 and shared a 15 year journey together. Over the years he taught me more than I ever realized until the day came that I had to carry on his work. Rex's meticulous nature flowed into the artwork, expressing his understanding of conscious art as a tool to bring healing to the Earth and all people. He shared with me many of the stories, meanings and inspirations of his artwork along with how to print, mat and frame them over the years, an apprenticeship that prepared me for today.
The dream of opening up a gallery in Sarasota is now coming true...
First Feather logo
“First Feather” was one of Rex's first logos, so it seems fitting to become our Gallery's logos. The title of the piece is "First Feather”, representing the story of how eagle feathers are gathered traditionally as his grandfathers taught him and how the eagle is honored. In respect, the first feather taken is always given back to the Earth as a thank you for her gifts. This gallery represents that first feather, giving back to the planet what Rex gifted.
Our Vision
First Feather Gallery will be sharing the late Rex A. Begaye's artwork, along with representing many of the bright and brilliant Native American artists in today's Native art scene. Our focus is authenticity and education. We envision First Feather Gallery as a stronghold for Indigenous art, music and culture, anchoring firmly the Native American heART here in Sarasota.
We look forward to representing many Native American artists, tribes and art mediums such as Native American Indian turquoise, jewelry, pottery, leather work, drums, bead work sculpture and paintings for sale.
Through First Feather Gallery we have an opportunity to provide a year round presence for Native American artists to connect with the Sarasota community and their collectors, preserving Rex's vision ...the dream lives on~
My History
I grew up in the Boston area at the edge of a forest, on the banks of a pond.
It was there that I had my first apprenticeship as an herbalist and naturalist. My childhood was filled with memories and experiences from that forest that have guided me throughout my life.
My personal journey with health led me to study herbalogy as a means to assist my body's sensitivity to chemicals as a child. As an adult, this passion and respect for the plant people grew as they continued to apprentice me throughout my life.
My first career path was as a singer. My elder sister was in theater and got me started with vocal lessons at a young age. I continued to study voice into my 20's and decided to make it my life's path. I was accepted into Boston's Berklee College of Music and spent 3 1/2 years studying for a vocal, music education degree.
Before I graduated, life took some unexpected turns with family trauma/drama which led me to leave Boston and relocate in Florida. I quickly found an apprentice position at an herbal store and the following year opened up my own herbal business.
Many of my clients followed the Native American spiritual path and invited me to my first powwow...it was there I met Rex, Mother's day powwow 1998.
The following year I moved to Sarasota with Rex and began a beautiful journey with him traveling all over the country representing his artwork at Native American art markets, powwows and fine art shows. We were averaging 46-48 shows per year and were always on the move.
Our life together was a beautiful, empowering, happy time for both of us. My love for Rex, his vision and mission with his artwork has forever touched my spirit and drives me to continue bringing his artwork to the world as my life's work.
I now have an opportunity to bring parts of myself back to life through First Feather Gallery as well!
"Path of Beauty Botanicals"
When Rex and I met in 1998 one of the first gifts he gave me was this sketch...
Little did I know it would become the logo for my herbal skincare line 20 years later. Throughout my life I have developed my own personal herbal medicines to doctor myself. I've been blessed with many fine teachers, apprenticeships, diagnostic and organic hands on training over the years and am excited to begin sharing it again.
There were lots of challenges over the years...watching over my mom who was diagnosed with dementia in the summer of 2001, after a lifelong battle with multiple cancers, then Rex's heart attack and bypass in 2002, there wasn't much time for school or my herbal business. It was all about keeping everybody stable and balanced as best I could. Mom left us in 2007 and it was then I began touring full-time with Rex.
Focusing on maintaining good nutrition and health on the road can be a big task, just being able to find organics alone was always a challenge. Lots of lessons from those days still serve me well and everything is now aligning to bring that part of my work out again....
I am happy to announce the launch of “Path of Beauty Botanicals” salves. I'm also developing a hydrotherapy clay bath, herbal oils and an aromatherapy perfume line which I will share soon...stay tuned!
The music
The other exciting piece is I now will have a functioning recording studio to write, compose and record my own music once again, and perhaps in the near future begin to teach vocal lessons. The music scene here in Sarasota is rich and diverse.
I envision we will be having performances and lots of music happening here soon!. The 15 foot ceilings give us excellent acoustics for recording live music as well~
About Sarasota
First Feather Gallery is nestled in the heart of Sarasota. Within a 4 mile radius you can explore our music and theater scene at Osolo Theater, Selby Gardens, Florida Studio Theater, Van Wezel, Sarasota Opera House, Sarasota Ballet, Ringling College of Art and Design and the beautiful Ringling Museum.
And...First Feather Gallery is within walking distance to beautiful Sarasota Main Street district. Our neighborhood is filled with extraordinary and unique shops, galleries, clothing, retail stores and fine dining. There's lot's to explore in Burns Court, Towle's court artist community districts and St. Armands circle.
Sarasota is brimming with art galleries where you can find modern art, contemporary art, nature art, abstract art and pop art, along with fine jewelry, interior design and a love for sculpture and architecture. Art Center Sarasota and our many festivals support the flow of creativity and prosperity for our artist's community representing much of fine art America.
First Feather Gallery is excited to contribute Native American fine art, jewelry and crafts to the Sarasota art genre list.
Holistic Health in Sarasota
Our holistic health scene is cutting edge with many choices for healthy locally grown organic, non-gmo dining and shopping with many modalities of professional holistic practitioners to choose from.
With gratitude and love,

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