The Gala Gallery Grand Opening

~First Feather Gallery Presents~

The Gala

Our original date of March 3rd is being reset to accommodate a very exciting musical collaboration taking place behind the scenes. We are tenative for April 4th as we work out everybody's schedule and will post our confirmed details as soon as everyone's schedule aligns.

Lots of progress taking place in the background and we look forward to sharing all the details of our opening Gala with you soon....

Stay tuned!!!

First Feather Gallery would like to invite our community Fine Art, Music & Native America Culture patrons to join us  for our pre-opening Gala.(April date to be announced)

We are honored to have Grammy award winning Taos Pueblo Flutist Robert Mirabal joining us for an intimate evening of Art, Music, Food & Dance.

Robert Mirabal is a Pueblo Native American flute player and maker from Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. He began making flutes at the age of 19, and his flutes are world renowned. Robert performs world wide, sharing flute songs, tribal rock and writings/storytelling. He resides on Taos Pueblo and participates in the traditional ways and rituals of his people. Aside from his artistic talents Robert is a father and a farmer.

A true renaissance man, Robert has dedicated his life to expressing himself through his art. He has a unique talent for merging mystical elements of ancient cultures with modern influences in his music. He keeps a foot in both worlds, effortlessly drawing upon both for inspiration.

Robert brings the sounds and traditional culture of his people to share with Sarasota for a unique event we will all remember. Thank you Robert!

Please enjoy some of Roberts music here...



Anthony Aleman will be joining us-Creator fo West Wind Vibes.

Anthony has been teaching, performing and crafting digeridoos for over 15 years. Currently working with both Agave and Native hardwoods. For the past 4 years Anthony has been deeply focused on the traditional yidaki playing styles and techniques and aquiring authentic high quality yadaki from Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre, also known as Yirrkala art center in Arhnem Land Australia. Anthony is happy to be apart of this event, to inspire and educate us on the history and the freedom of self-expression through his art and the sounds of the didgeridoo and yidaki.

"Our founder, Anthony Aleman, has been playing and hand-crafting didgeridoos for over 13 years, and has an incredible passion for the history and deep traditions behind what many experts consider to be the oldest instrument in the world–the didgeridoo."

Please explore Anthony's hand made didgeridoos at

Proceeds will fund the Gallery opening, assisting us with replacing florescent lights with track lighting, legal fees, signage and insurance. The remainder will seed the "Blessing for Rain project" to fund clean water treatments for Native American communities.

This is a dream (the late) Rex A. Begaye had, to bring clean water to his family lands. Mining has created many health hazards at home.  Many of Rex's art pieces are dedicated to the sacredness of water and what it meant to the planet and her children. Protecting water is a big issue in todays world with all the many contamination issues.


We  became aware of the technologies that were used in Japan after the bombing which were developed to clean contaminated water for the hospitals. Many years later these water purification technologies have advanced and are now accessable as a unit that is installed onto the current water filtration plant, providing a purification process that will eliminate these toxins.

Our gallery name, "First Feather Gallery" was chosen for the meaning of this painting. Rex would explain that is piece represented the process of how eagle feathers are taken by his people and the first feather is always given to Mother Earth in gratitude for the blessing that come from them.

The First Feather we would like to give back is clean water to his family lands and community.

This past year we  researched and corresponded with companies that develop these technologies and found a company to assist us with this mission.

We knew it was meant to be when we called to company with the vision of this project and they shared with us they had just had a meeting that morning about how they could find a way to bring this technology to indigenous communities dealing with contaminated water. This syncronicity was clearly a good sign...

Over the course of the past few months our correspondence has led to a first look at what it would take to take this project to fruition, which we will share in more detail. Essentially for the cost of one home, an entire community can have clean water for a generation or more.

This project will be seeded by the funds remaining from the Gala and we will dedicate 2019 to manifesting the funding to complete this project.

Please sign up for our emails to follow our progress on this project...

Thank you!